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Passion for mountain biking, exploring gorgeous nature, sauna bathing, delicious food and fun time with buddies. All that combined is MTB Suomi. We share our tips for your next biking trip where these cravings will be satisfied.

MTB Suomi is a bunch (mainly one, but we'll talk about that later) of ordinary mountain bikers, who want to share their passion for this terrific discipline. We've been riding around for some time and found it quite difficult to get any reliable information about trails suitable for regular riders like us. And so we started to cooperate with other riders, who perfectly comprehend trails in their local area and can show us around. We will put all that collected information together, add some additional tips from local neighbourhood and prepare guides, which will hopefully help other riders explore this georgeous country, which Finland undoubtedly is.

What is MTB Suomi about?

You can definitely expect content such as trail analysis and descriptions with videos and pictures, whole trips which should give you the optimal overview of the area and help you decide if it's something for you or not. We'll also regularly bring you the hottest MTB news, keep your calendar full of MTB races and events and maybe even organize some events for you, if there's interest for such a thing. However, it's not only about riding. We'll show you the best places to have a lunch, sights worth visiting, sceneries worth seeing, fireplaces to make a BBQ or local saunas to sweat a bit more after your ride. We all enjoy something else on our mountain biking adventures and so we want to include a little bit from everything to satisfy the majority of you.

However, the main element of MTB Suomi is the Trail map and our Trip tips. We hate the idea of letting other people plan our trips. There in MTB Suomi, we love to plan our trips! We know that having our own plan gives us a better overview of places we’re going to see, we're well prepared for emergency cases and at the end there’s some sort of satisfaction when the trip goes according to your own plan. Saying that, we encourage you, to do the same. However, we know there are people, who are annoyed by planning or just don't have the spare time to do the research. Therefore, we're going to prepare detailed Trip tips, which you can use the way you prefer. You can fully trust us and set off according to our plan or just take it in as an inspiration for further research. Check our Trail map to locate the place you want to visit and pick the trip that suits you the most!

Who is MTB Suomi for?

For everyone who enjoys riding bikes! Whether you're a competitive rider with race ambitions, trip rider who takes his bike on off-road journeys or you just want to make your commute ride more interesting. There's something for everyone with a passion for mountain biking.

And you don't even need to be local. The main reason, why MTB Suomi is primarily in English, is that we're aiming at tourists, too. Finland isn't really a famous mountain biking destination, because there aren't many mountains. Nevertheless, we're convinced there's a lot to see and great trails to ride and we'd love the spread the word! On the other hand local riders will surely discover new places, which they haven’t seen just yet and that will motivate them to realize a new epic trip across their home soil.

Can I help make MTB Suomi better?

YES, absolutely! Help from the public audience is actually very essential for development of this project. Finland is an immensely large country and it's very unlikely that one could know all the interesting places there and so we'd like to ask you for your recommendations on your local trails and sights, which maybe not so many people know about. Or maybe you just disagree with one of the Trip Tips we made. Send us a message at and suggest a modification, which you would prefer. Your ideas and opinions are crucial for this project, because MTB Suomi is there for you and it will be what you want it to be.

Along with your submissions you can help us by following us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and getting involved on these social platforms, too. Either way, thanks a lot for your presence and support, we really appreciate every single bit of it!

We'll see you out there! 🤟