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Servicing your bike will protect you from coronavirus!


Everybody would love to know the spell for preventing the Covid-19 infection. Some people advise to drink corona beer, some think the virus dies in sauna, some say it doesn’t like encounter with broccoli. We found out that the magical recipe lays around our bike service stands!

According to the research made in cooperation with creditable bike hospitals in Uusimaa, servicing your bike with use of bike-dedicated greases, lubes, oils, degreasers and other bike-service products, highly reduces the chance of infection by the infamous Covid-19. Research was conducted on hundreds of bikers and bike mechanics, who ride bikes and work on them on a regular basis. Results have shown that 96% of tested individuals have proven to be immune to coronavirus while being directly exposed to it.

Results of the research have also questioned the importance of biking category related to the mentioned immunity as the remaining 4% of tested individuals were road bikers who have never tried mountain biking in their life. Correlation between the apparent immunity and shredding in woods is clearly noticeable from the results and shouldn’t be overlooked. Mountain biking seems to have some kind of magic in every single aspect and it is highly recommended to ride a mountain bike on forest trails on a regular basis as it also improves your immunity to many other diseases as well as it improves your mental health and physical fitness.

Along with riding your mountain bike then comes the regular bike service, which every single rider should do to keep their precious bike looking fresh and riding smooth. And by doing so, you’re not only protecting yourself, you’re also going to have a lot of fun on your bike and learn how to fix it!

Please beware that mountain biking is highly addictive and neither we or the above mentioned researchers are by no means liable for eventual long-term consequences of riding bikes and servicing them.

And now, what are you waiting for? It’s 1st April, birds are singing, sun is shining, trails are waiting, so grab your bike and go for a ride! We’ll see you out there!