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Fiskars - Flacksjö - Tallbacka - Degersjö - Fiskars    |    37km

Welcome to Fiskars! This tiny village is predominantly famous for its orange tools, but 5 years ago started to earn its popularity for local MTB trails created by Fiskars Village Trail Center. Let's check them out!

Sightseeing around the village shouldn't take you long since it's really small, but you can wonder into local museums and spend some extra time there if you wish. It's definitely worth it! After that let's grab a coffee in Torikahvila at the square, where you'll have the whole village in sight while preparing for the day.

And now let's move to the starting point for all local trails - Paja-aukio. You can find the "office" of local Fiskars Village Trail Center, who rent Canyon bikes there and can also help you with basic bike troubleshooting. Definitely worth a visit if even for a chat with local builders and riders!

From here we'll head for first adventure towards the west. We'll start with red a blue trails - Tranan and Flacksjö. These offer various trails with some solid elevation changes, so it will work perfectly as a warm up before we cool ourselves on the beach at the lake Flacksjö.

BIKE TIP: If you attempt to ride the red and black trails in Fiskars, you'll need a full suspension Trail or Enduro bike. Don't be ashamed to rent one from locals!

Brilliant thing about trails in Fiskars is not only their diversity and excellent markings. They're also designed to always start and finish in the village, so it's really simple to grab a meal in between your rides.

You can do so in any of great local restaurants, we can recommend restaurant Wärdshus, which serves delicious food and beer from local brewery.

WARNING: These trails are heavily used by other mountain bikers especially during summer time, so please follow the standard MTB etiquette and have common sense.

With a stomach full of satisfaction and hopefully not too much blood in your alcohol, let's take it easy and check out local pump track, which is located in the western part of the village, just up the hill. This pump track is designed for BMX or kids bikes, so it's not as satisfying on 29" wheels, but still worth checking out.

And since we're pretty close to the green trail Kattkärr, we can put down some easy kilometres there while cautiously watching the wildlife, because it's very likely you'll spot a deer on this trail (and elswhere in Fiskars, anyway).

Possibly the most attractive trail in Fiskars is Rövarberget, which is at the same time the longest trail with 15km. It twists its way all over the Southern part of the village to the most beautiful spot of all in Fiskars - Skuruberget. This viewing spot at the water tower is absolutely breathtaking, giving you a perfect view of Pohja and its harbour.

Last few hundred metres of the Rövarberget trail are especially fun with a long section of sandy berms, couple nice steps and quite a large drop. Fantastic spots for some epic trail footage!

TOP TIP: Don't be afraid to mix up your rides a take a detour to some of the black trails if you feel up for it!

And to finish your trip in Fiskars in a style, you can book yourself an evening in a rather unique sauna at the lake Degersjö. This "kertalämmitteinen" sauna is run by Fiskars Kyläseura and even the building itself is just fabulous, not even talkig about the sauna itself and views from the coast.

And that's another day full of mountain biking over. If you'd like to stay in Fiskars for more than a day, you can use services of local hotel Tegel, but from us this is a goodbye and we'll be back again!