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Helsinki - Maunula - Paloheinä - Helsinki    |    36km

Welcome to Helsinki! The world's coldest capital isn't always frozen and it's title only means the temperatures in summer are rather pleasant than hot and therefore perfect for mountain biking!

Today's trip will test you thoroughly. Depending on the amount of rides you do in the DH park in Paloheinä, you'll clock about 36km and except the downhill bike park, you'll get to practise some flatter trails in the Southern part of Central Park, too. But we presume you'll need to fill up your stomach in the beginning of your day and we'd love to invite you to the seaside to Café Regatta. If the weather allows it, sit outside and enjoy the splendid atmosphere at this unique café.

Assuming you haven't seen the city, yet, we highly advise you to do so! At the very very least take a look at the Sibelius monument, which is on the way to the Central Park anyway.

Once you're done with sightseeing, head to the South of Central Park near the Aurora hospital and get ready for a hell of a ride! If you need a spot to park your car, you may do so behind the children "bike park" or across the street at the ice hockey stadium. Both are free of charge and you can find the locations on our Trip Tip map.

BIKE TIP: Considering the versatility of this trip, the best choice will be a full-suspension trail bike, which pedals well and is capable going downhill, too.

The Central Park spreads its woods up to Haltiala and we'll cover almost the entirety of it. In the first stretch we'll head North to Maunula, where you can visit local outdoors hut and possibly grab a snack. The trails are not marked and there are plenty of them, but you will recognize the most used ones as there are many tyre marks on them. The whole area is very flat, but don't underestimate it as there are quite a few technically very difficult features on the way.

WARNING: Majority of the trails in Keskuspuisto are available for MTB. However, there are couple trails designed for horse riding, so avoid these, please. Horse trails are marked with signs including the warning sign for bikers.

It's not far from Maunula to the cherry on today's pie - Paloheinä Trail Centre. This MTB-purpose built bike park offers trails of excellent quality and quantity considering the hill sits less than 80m above the sea level. This is the place where you really want to drop your seatpost down, put some kneepads on and possibly even inflate your tyres a little bit more if you intend to get some air here.

TOP TIP: Take your first rides easy if it's your first time here in Paloheinä. The hill might look small and not very steep but there are few sections which might catch you by surprise.

Having fun? We bet you do! However, don't put the fun ahead of nutrition and remember to drink and eat. If you need to refill or eat something warm, there's an outdoors hut ready for you under the hill. We recommend their sausage soup, which increases the jumping ability by 33 skill points (tested).

Ride until you cook your brakes or until the sauna in the outdoors hut opens, whatever comes first. Sauna opens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, it costs only €5 and it's a great relax for your muscles after the workout on trails.

And since you're about 10km far from the city centre now, you still have some work to do. We suggest you to ride the second half of trails in Central Park but if your muscles got lazy in the sauna, you can take the chicken lines in the streets e.g. via Pasila. Depending on the time of the year, you might also need to consider packing a light if you indeed will ride to the city late in the evening.

And that's another trip over! Did you enjoy the concept of riding trails this near the city centre or are you the person who prefers travelling to some remote location? Let us know!