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Lohja - Lohjanharju - Gunnarla - Liessaari - Lohja    |    43km

Welcome to Lohja! This marvelous town in the western part of Uusimaa is very welcoming to tourists including mountain bikers as there are tonnes of brilliant trails around the town. However, before we take a look at these, let's take a look around the town.

Lohja has a long tradition in limestone mining and you should at least take a peek at the surface side in Tytyri if not joining the guided tour through the mine. After that we shall charge our batteries in beautiful coastal café Rantakahvila Aurlahti because we will pedal a lot today!

First trail site sits very close on the top of the ridge Lohjanharju, within the sports centre next to ice-hockey stadium, football stadium and swimming hall. Memebers of local club Lohja Trails have built an official 8km long MTB trail here.

It will take you up and down the ridge as well as along the ridge, presenting a view of the majestic lake Lohjanjärvi. The trail is designed to be rideable by any bikers. However, the difficulty pretty much depends on your riding style. There are certain challenges along the way and can definitely get a proper flow-feeling if you pick up your speed.

BIKE TIP: Due to the perfect smoothness of the trail, we recommend hardtail for more effective pedaling on those flat twisty sections.

Trail is very well marked with wooden poles and painted marks on trees. There's also a map in the beginning of the trail, so you really shouldn't get lost here. If you don't feel like riding alone however, you can join one of the group rides with Lohja Trails or enroll for the MTB courses in Lohja.

Since the trail ends in the same place where it starts, you can take more laps and try to beat Aki Färm's (multiple Downhill and Enduro Finnish champion) KOMs on Strava. Once you're satisfied, you can move on to Gunnarlan maja for more adventures.

WARNING: Please do NOT ride through the golf course paths when approaching Gunnarla. The intended connection trail can be found from our Trip Tip map.

Trails in Gunnarla and Talmonmäki are not official, neither marked, so you can simply ride around and find your own ways as there are plenty of nice trails, which we didn't include in our loop. That has around 9km in length and takes you through some truly outstanding rock cliffs with splendid views of local forests.

Riding here is very satisfying and makes you smile all the way through. Moreover local forest smells super nice and it's very tempting to stop for a while to enjoy the moment of silence, forget all troubles and release the stress into the fresh air.

TOP TIP: Take a towel with you and take a swim in the noname lake in the Gunnarla quarry.

And while your mind and soul are fully recovered and complacent, it's time to treat your body after all the workout. First we'll take a short ride to the island Liessaari, where except fantastic views from rock coast, we'll grill a sausage in local fireplace.

With stomach whistling happily the Pharrell's song, we head back over the bridge to let our muscles take a break in Haikari sauna. Combined with swimming in the lake Lohjanjärvi and a glass of delicious local beer from United Gypsies brewery while waiting for a sunset, puts a cherry on this sweet Lohja cake.