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Vantaa - Kuusijärvi - Storträsk - Fiskträsk - Vierumäki - Kuusijärvi    |    68km

Welcome to Vantaa! You may know this city only for its airport but there's much more to it, especially if we talk mountain biking! Today we'll ride around local national park Sipoonkorpi and XCO track in Vierumäki.

After the regular round of sightseeing, you can grab a coffee in Café Ruuna on your way to the lake Kuusijärvi, where the trails start. Eventually you can even grab a breakfast in Café Kuusijärvi right at the lake. And now hooray over the bridge to the trails!

Our loop will follow the orange trail for most of the time and will go on for 29km. Riding here will be a good test of all your XC skills since the trails are rather challengin and riding the whole loop without a dab would deserve a massive applause.

However, we recommend you to take it easy here and focus on the beauties of local nature. It's very likely that you will meet a lot of wildlife, so be ready and enjoy the encounter!

WARNING: Mountain biking in the national pakr is allowed only if you stay on clearly marked trails, so please follow these rules.

Apart from wildlife, you'll definitely pass by some magnificent places. Definitely don't miss out on lakes Bisajärvi, Storträsk, Fiskträsk and the rocky hill Högberget. Visit these places, take a picture of you with your bike and tag us on Instagram. We'll be very happy to see you riding in Sipoonkorpi.

When you finish the loop, you should find yourself at Kuusijärvi again. So if you feel hot and sweaty, take a dip in the lake and let's eat some lunch in local Café Kuusijärvi. You have the option to pick the lunch buffet during the lunch time, apart from the regular menu.

BIKE TIP: Take your hardtail to Vantaa. Loop in Sipoonkorpi will be slightly bouncy, but get the best out of the XCO track in Vierumäki.

You might not feel like racing after the lunch, but let's slowly move to Korso where you might get competitive on local XCO track in Vierumäki.

This 3,7km long trail has been used for XCO races since 2014 and is open for public during the rest of the year, so it's a perfect place to practise for races as such. Moreover the lap is full of Strava segments, so you can really compare yourself to the top dogs out there.

This trail is marked with orange circles, but these might be quite difficult to spot, so you should either take your GPS with you or simply ride 1 casual lap before you attack the timing sheets.

There shouldn't be any surpises for riders who experienced some XCO races before and even for regular riders, maybe only the rock drop could catch you out. If it doesn't and you survive the wild ride, let's move back to Kuusijärvi again and get some "löyly"!

There are few sauna options for you at Kuusijärvi. For 6€ you can enjoy the regular electric sauna and for 12€ you can visit the electric one, too, plus you get to experience the smoke saunas. There's one big smoke sauna and 2 small ones. You can try all of them for as long as you want within the opening hours.

Swimming in the lake after sauna is the matter of course here and evenings can get very long with some nice company. We hope you'll enjoy your stay in Vantaa just like we did!

TOP TIP: You can choose between the 2 types of sauna, but really... nothing beats the smoke sauna!