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Uusikaupunki - Kasarminlahti - Kalanti - Hiunjärvi - Haimio - Uusikaupunki    |    50km

Welcome to Uusikaupunki! This cute little wooden town might be well known for car industry, but its true jewels are hiding in local woods. And we'll get to meet these today. However, before we head out of the town, let's start the day in the heart of the town with a morning coffee in Pakkahuone café while enjoying the beautiful sight of local harbour. Trying out local "munkki" is a MUST! Take a short lap around the town to admire local sights and get ready to roll!

WARNING: Keep in mind that Pakkahuone café is open only in summer time, but there are other nice cafés at the harbour as well (eg. Café Aitta)

And now let's feel the magic of local woods, shall we? We'll start heading South towards the lake Kasarminlahti, which is not only surrounded by a golf course, but it's Southern part also includes a fantastic natural trail.

This trail is officially marked with orange dots and has about 2km in its length with possibilities to make it longer and more technically demanding. In the beginning of the trail you'll also find a beautiful fireplace which is definitely worth lighting up if you organize your day in other way.

From Kasarminlahti we'll head Northeast towards Kalanti. There are multiple ways to reach the starting point of the next trail, we included the most fun trail in our Trip Tip map above. Once you get really near Kalanti, you'll see a short uphill trail on your left-hand side and that's the trail we seek.

This very exciting section from Kalanti to Uusikaupunki is a work of local riders, members of Vakka-Suomen Latu. The is 5,2km long and varies a lot in its technical difficulty from the beginning to the end. While the rocky section in the beginning requires more than 2 balls, the second half is a fast flowing XC on a grippy dirt.

I hope you took some snacks with you today, because the trails keep on coming at us! There's not much break between the trail from Kalanti and the Hiunjärvi natural trail, which is our next destination.

This trail is again an official natural trail running around the lake and has about 4,5km in its length with a couple options to extend. This loop is optimal to ride multiple times in its different versions as it runs in a circle. Trail isn't technically difficult and it's flat profile makes it a great place for getting fit.

BIKE TIP: Considering the flat profile of local trails, quite average technical difficulty and the amount of connection rides we do in this Trip Tip, you'll be better off with a hardtail.

Got a bang out of local trails? Great! I guess you might be a bit hungry now. Let's move to a fireplace in the South of the lake Hiunjärvi, where you'll find a small viewing tower, too. Grill your sausages, enjoy the view and rest your legs because you're still going to need them.

We couldn't finish the Trip Tip without getting sweaty in the sauna and today we'll go for the true Finnish experience again. We'll ride about 15km combining some fun forest trails and bit of a road to reach Haimio in the North.

Sauna in Haimio is ran by the town of Uusikaupunki and opens during the summer time when anyone can come and heat it up, free of charge. Sauna also includes a little beach with a pier and a shed with a grill, making it a perfect place for a relaxed evening. If you however wanted to come here other than summer time, there's another sauna right next to this one, which can be rented anytime of the year.

TOP TIP: We highly advise to wait for the sunset at the sauna! You will have a perfect view of the sun slowly going down below the horizon.

Ride safely on your way back to the town and have a sweet dreams after this exciting day in Uusikaupunki!