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In cooperation with Espoontorin Pyörä we invite you to ride bikes with us on singletracks in Espoo and surrounding areas! These mountain biking group rides are organized on a regular basis, usually every 2 weeks on Saturdays. For more details always check the specific event page before heading out.

These mountain biking events will be published on our Facebook and also on Espoontorin Pyörä's Facebook page. Participation in these events is free of charge, you only need to make sure you have a bike and helmet with you.

Everybody is very welcome to join us, no matter the age, gender or skill level. Heck, we accept even e-bikers! However, please refer to the table below to check if the specific group ride is suitable for you, so you get the best out of it. Every group ride will have different difficulty, speed and length to truly satisfy every rider and offer an all-round riding experiences.

Trails Easy to ride More challenging
Speed No sweat Faster pace
Length Short (10-20km) Longer (>30km)

Muumipeikko - Easy, slow, short
Nuuskamuikkunen - Easy, slow, longer
Nipsu - Easy, fast, short

Hattivatti - Challenging, slow, short
Pikku Myy - Challenging, fast, short
Mörkö - Challenging, slow, longer

Please keep in mind, that these are mountain biking rides and therefore we'll ride mostly on singletracks although in case of "Easy to ride" category we'll spend some portion of the ride on gravel roads. Don't be affraid to join the "More challenging" category as this would include your regular singletracks with some basic obstacles. If anything, you'll get a chance to progress on these. If you're unsure about your skill level, feel free to ask for more details via our email, Facebook or Instagram. You can also join our Whatsapp group and join some of our casual rides, which are arranged more spontaneously. Join via this invitation link.

The most typical starting point is Espoontorin Pyörä bikeshop, but make sure to always verify that on the individual event page.