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MTB Suomi is a unique mountain biking platform, which will show you the best trails around Finland, recommend adventure trips, invite you to lively events or races and much more.

The Trip Tip series
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to find new MTB places to visit!

Apart from riding bikes, we drink coffee,
swim in lakes or enjoy Finnish saunas!

We're here representing the majority of you. Riders with basic skills and bikes, but massive passion for mountain biking. We'd like to show you that you don't need to be an exceptional talent with a full-suspension bike, which cost you an arm and leg, to have fun mountain biking. We're going to show you trails which we ride in Finland and which every single one of you will be able to conquer and have fun on.

Along with presenting the trails, we're going to recommend some trip tips regarding local area around the trail to give you some extra inspiration for your biking trips and make your planning easier and faster.


Trail videos

Trail footage will give you a better perspective and might decide if you go North or South.


Be aware of possible threats and keep in mind some of the must-see locations.

Trail map

We'll gradually add ridden trails in Finland in pursuit of a complete ride-friendly trails' map.

Trail ratings

We're not educated to rate local trails, but we'll give you the opinion of a regular rider.

Trail guides

Looking for a car park? Fancy a BBQ after your ride? We'll give you all the tips you need.

Together with Espoontorin Pyörä we organize group rides in Espoo!

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Espoontorin MTB group rides

If you have any suggestions on trails we should definitely visit, places we should include in our Trip Tips or if you're interested in cooperating with us, please leave us a message at Absolutely any suggestions or questions are very much appreciated 😇

However, as much as we like your support and presence there, We'd rather love to see you outside on the trails, shredding like crazy, challenging your friends, trail dog or even just yourself. So don't spend too much time deciding where to go, grab your bike and ride it! Ideally in one of our group rides in Espoo!

We'll see you out there!

For riders. By riders.